Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well I made it through my second treatment and am doing good. I got really sick this time. I also had to go to the intensive care unit again because my blood preasure drops, my temp spikes and my oxygen goes hay wire. I don't like the intensive care unit because they hook my up to sensors to make sure I'm still alive I guess but they have to give me dopimine for my blood preasure and can't do that in the normal care. I really appreciate what they do for me there. All the workers are really good to me. My Dr comes in almost everyday to see how I'm doing and just talks to me someimtes. I also get other people that are helping me with finanical aid but I don't usually remember them comming in or the papers I fill out for them. It's allo the drugs they have me on. by the end of each week I'm pretty out of it. But I'm good at the beginning of each week.

My mom was here again and stays with me during the day and I appreciate that alot. I also have other visitors and I apprecitae them as well.

Last week was my birthday and I had a really good day. Valentines was also great.

I guess some of you don't really know what's up with my life along the lines of relationships. I am compleatly divorced from my husband. I was pregnant at the beginning of last year but miscarried. At that time I was with my husband. Now I just live the single life and actually really like it. It would be nice to settle down but I'm not going to rush anything this time.

I love getting emails and comments from everyone. Don't be shy. Well that's all for now and will try to get back to this sometime soon.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Beginning

Well this is the first blog for me ever. As most of you know I live in Salt Lake City and love the city life. I guess that's to be expected having grown up in such a small town. I plan on staying here for some time yet.
Things are now going okay under the circumstances. I got cancer for the second time. I had the choice of whether or not I wanted to do treatment. I decided that lowering my chances of it comming back would be the best option. After that first week I wanted to quit but now see that I should finish it out. I mean heck I was only really sick for about 10 days out of four weeks. That's not too bad I quess. Better than the first time and I was sick every day for about five weeks. That one was shorter in the long run. This one will take a total of three and a half months.
I will begin my second (of four) chemo treatment on Monday. The first time I got really sick while I was in the hospital but got better shortly after I was out. I can only hope that I do as well this time. I spend a week in the hospital (Huntsman) recieving 96 continous infussion hours of a medicine called Interlukin 2 (chemo), Temodar ( chemo and immune booster) in pill form, and Interon A(immune booster) in a shot. I also recieve a bunch more stuff to keep me from getting too sick. I guess the others don't all work. Or if they do, then I am greatful for all the new advances in medicine. The second week I have to give myself shots of the Interon A three times (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). This still makes me sick but not as bad. Last I have two weeks off. While in and out of the hospital I have to take pills and have my lines flushed daily. Oh yeah I have a thing in my cheast called a hicman line. It is like a perminant IV with three individual lines combined into one. It's really ugly and hurts almost every day. That's just because it kinda moves around. I will get it out after my last week in the hospital. One bonus point is that while I still have an appitate(the first couple of days) the food is really good. Another is that contrary to common myth I won't loose my hair. I still have all of it. And it's getting long
It's all getting rough because I can't work through all this, unless there is a job where I can work for two weeks and then have two off. Now that would be a good job. This does help me realize how thankful I really am for my parents. They are taking care of finances while I'm doing this.
My parents are doing good and loving retired life. They live in Fairview, WY. It gets too cold there. I know my dad does something with scouts in the church. He also still pampers their four cats. I think that gives him a great sense of pleasure. I don't really know what he does with the rest of his time. My mom still does her geneology every week and teaches RS once a month I think. She is also very into her e-mail. She never goes too long without checking it. Both of my parents seem happy with their lives. They both came down for my first week in the hospital and my mom will be comming down again for next week. Thanks to them again.
It's really nice haveing Rigel in town and I see him on a regular basis. He is working doing something with lights I think. I'm not sure though. He seems to like it here and I know he loves being free from rules.